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    July 29, 2009

    New York New York Wow!

    you brought it tonight. What an incredible audience. i love you guys.

    Me and my band had such a great time on stage tonight.

    Its One in the morning and i'm still pumped. 

    Just thought i'd share.




    OH....shout out to the amazing "CakeMan" he made me the famous red velvet... words cannot describe how this cake has changed my life.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you sweetie.


    Peace and love

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    July 26, 2009

    i've been a busy lady.
    Been doing my own headline tour hitting a few cool spots.
    Florida, North Carolina so far and they've both been amazing. I'm still gushing over the fact that people know my words of my songs that i wrote on my own in my front room in Dublin.... its very crazy wonderful.
    Tonight we're in Nashville. Always wanted to come here i've only ever good things.! And tonight shall reveal.
    I'm back on the tour bus doing all these dates which is always fun. Some artists hate it but me....nah i love it. sleep like a baby actually.
    We watched "The Fifth element" on our Tv in

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    July 24, 2009

    Check out these photos from Laura's recent trip to Miami where she stopped by and hung out with DJ Khaled of WEDR and Prince Marky D of WMIB!

    Laura and DJ Khaled of WEDR/Miami

    Laura with Prince Marky D of WMIB/Miami

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    July 19, 2009


    Just got back from Japan which was simply amazing really looking forward to going back already!


    So right now i'm back in New York for a few days rest. Its nice being able to catch up with friends i can never seem to find the time these days.

    So while i was away i've been writing like crazy all for the next album ofcourse, sounds so cool tho can't wait til you can all hear it..... whenever that may be :)


    I'm rehearsing with my band on Monday. Getting ready for my tour its gonna be a good one we are really looking forward to seeing you again or meeting you for the first time.



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    July 12, 2009

    It is safe to say Tokyo really is just like a mini Time square!

    Spent a few hours shopping in this really cool mall just jam packed with amazing little shops. 
    Japanese women have got the best fashion sense ever Its inspiring actually.
    We had the most gorgeous food the other night. These chicken wings were the highlight for me. Not normal chicken wings ofcourse. Japanese style! GORGEOUS.
    Been doing lots and lots and lots of radio promo but its all been fun i must say, all this green tea i'm drinking is giving me new found energy!
    well its 6am right now as usual i am awake far too early
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    July 09, 2009

    Ello all!

    So i am in Japan for the very first time.

    Its all i thought and more.

    The food, The art, the people are just amazing. They all have such respect for one Another it is beautiful to watch.

    My single Shine has been no.1 on the radio for 4wks in a row over here so it has been pretty crazy!

    we went to the most gorgeous temple the other day after eating the best sushi i ever had!

    Had my first in-store in osaka the other day.

    It was alot of fun. 

    Right now i'm in Nagoya just woke up and about to start getting ready for another day of promo.

    much love


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