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Laura Izibor's "The Brooklyn Sessions Vol. 1" Available Now!

on Tue, 2012-08-07 09:44

Laura's highly awaited new EP - "The Brooklyn Sessions Vol.1" - is now available to download on iTunes or Amazon! The EP features "Gracefully", "He'll Never Know" and "Ring"! "The Brooklyn Sessions Vol.1" was tracked live at Electrik Indigo Studios in Brooklyn, NY, over the course of a three day session with Laura’s touring band. Click below to download Laura's new EP now!

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Centric SoulSessions Exclusive: Laura Izibor's “Gracefully” First Listen

on Mon, 2012-08-06 10:43

Listen to the premiere of one of the EP's tracks, "Gracefully" now on! "Gracefully" is off of Laura's new EP "The Brooklyn Sessions Vol. I" available on iTunes tomorrow, August 7th! Listen to “Gracefully” produced by Izibor, Jesse Fischer and Solomon Dorsey HERE.

Laura's new EP is the result of a three-day live recording session with her touring band at Electrik Indigo Studios in Brooklyn, New York.

Click HERE to read the full post on webcrew's picture Exclusive First Listen: "He’ll Never Know"

on Fri, 2012-08-03 15:54 has just premiered "He’ll Never Know" - a new track off of Laura's upcoming EP "The Brooklyn Sessions Vol. 1"! Click HERE to get an exclusive first listen. Laura's new EP will be available next Tuesday, August 7th.

Visit to read the full post and listen to "He'll Never Know" now. webcrew's picture First Listen: Hear Laura Izibor's New Song 'Ring'

on Thu, 2012-08-02 15:06

Head over to to listen to Laura's new single, "Ring" from her upcoming EP, The Brooklyn Sessions Vol. 1. (out August 7).

Possessing Izibor's classic charm, "Ring" tells the forever familiar tale of a woman yearning for her lover's call. She sings: "Is it so hard/ it's just dialing my number/ just a message to say you're coming over/ where Cupid got me feels like lightening and thunder/ and I can' help falling 'cause you ain't been calling." Laura wrote and co-produced the single. The Brooklyn Sessions Vol. webcrew's picture

Laura Izibor Unveils New EP: “The Brooklyn Sessions Vol. I”

on Fri, 2012-07-27 17:34

Laura Izibor is set to release a new EP entitled “The Brooklyn Sessions Vol. I”, which will be available via all DSP’s, on August 7th 2012! The EP was tracked live at Electrik Indigo Studios in Brooklyn, NY, over the course of a three day session with Izibor’s touring band. Check out the official artwork above, and stay tuned for additional details of Laura's upcoming EP!