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Laura Izibor


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Laura Izibor
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The foundation begins with soul


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hey Laura, i am writing all the way from Ghana in Africa, just to let you know that you have funs even here! i really really love your music and i wish you all the best. have fun!

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i really love your music it is just amazing i just wish that i could learn how to play them on my piano

jessica's picture

i really love your music it is just amazing i just wish that i could learn how to play them on my piano

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Your music is AMAZING. We were so inspired by "Shine" that we wanted to know if we could use it for a children's benefit concert in Philadelphia for the Make A Wish Foundation. Please let us know!

Steve's picture

Your music is AMAZING. We were so inspired by "Shine" that we wanted to know if we could use it for a children's benefit concert in Philadelphia for the Make A Wish Foundation. Please let us know!

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Just a word(more place than on twitter!). Thanks for all Laura! Your talent, kindness, humanity... Your voice and your songs are so deeply moving, always touched me and give me strenght to through a lot, really.
I hope "being able" to see you in concert, one day, in France?!
So, take care of you, all the best, and continue to spread your magical soul around the world ; "he" needs that!
You deserve the best.

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You simply can´t be more talented or have a more beautiful voice, really amazing. I just can´t stop listening to your songs, greeting from México, as you say "deadly"

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I just heard ur music on one tree hill. i want to say you have a beautiful voice and u write the most touching songs. I all the way from Asia would like to wish u a very happy new year. May all the doors open for you and may you find all the inspiration you need always. Your songs gave me hope..Blessed Be.

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I saw you the first time in One tree Hill, and right now, I just loved your style, your voice and your song! You're really doing a great job! I'm living in France and I never heard a voice like yours! Just continue like this!

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You have a beautiful voice, as well as a beautiful spirit! Keep up the good work!!

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You are the best Laura....

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See ya soon Laura!

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when are you back in Europe ?
we need to see you in France
even better in Provence
I hope

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I saw you for the first time when you were on the road with India Arie. The both of you put on an amazing show that evening. I just got my birthday present to come see you at the Fine Line in Minneapolis. I have to say - I am over excited about it. You are an amazing performer and I can't wait to see the show!

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hi ya laura izibor ur a relly good singer and ur one of my favorites

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Laura, I have to opportunity to attend you gig tonight at the Birchmere in Alexandria VA. You performance was phenomenal!!! I was blown away and moved at the same time. Your gift of song and expression is truly a blessing. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. I look forward to attend another performance very soon.

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2010 laura any new songs dat ur going to release???? Happy New Yearxx

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I find it hard to believe that someone my age can be so musically talented as yourself. I really would like you to hear some of my music, I'm just starting out and in the last 2 years have fallen in love with music. I would really appreicate it if you would listen to a few songs and tell me what you think ? If your curious please feel free to email me at I'd be more than Happy to send you them thanks.

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I really love your music its so full of life and soul (:
I wish you all the best and hope you will continue making awesome music (:

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We are coming from Kentucky to Clearwater. It is a surprise for a friend and I can"t wait to see the Big smile on their face. You are a blessed lady,truly amazing. D.W.

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I just had to post. Welcome Laura, to my collection!
What an album!!!

"Let the Truth Be Told" is proudly placed on the same shelf as my my Erykah Badu, Alicia Keys, Mary J Blige and Will Downing collection.

Best wishes

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Never got to go to to your show in the Bay Area. Hope you can come back to Northern Cali.

best wishes and positive vibes

- Pablo

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hi ya laura ur da best singer eva text back i saw u in cork

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Saw u at the John Legend concert a while back in Birmingham UK and was like, 'Who is this? Gotta catch her name cuz she is amazing!!'

Trying to learn 'From my heart to yours' at the moment on the keyboard but just can't get it down, got the jist tho!!

Come back to Birmingham soon. Enjoy touring.

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I just saw u and I want to say, "you are the real deal". These other young female artists don't have anything on you. You're a writer, musician and excellent singer. You're the whole package.


you are outgradeouse i love you

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A MUST SEE SHOW!!! My wife and I attended the show last night in West Palm Beach, FL- Laura's energy and her soul behind her music just sent a glow to my heart and well as my wife, we felt like kids again, just free of worries and full of love. If Laura is coming to a town near or far from you trust when I say the Izibor Experience will be well worth your time. This is a Neo Soul Superstar and Future Phenom. Thanks Laura for sharing your lyrics and voice, We will see you in September again!!

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Hi Laura, I'm a television producer/host in Maryland and would like to feature you on my television show when you are in Annapolis to perform at Ramshead. Please let me know how we can make this happen. Marvin Jackson... email me at:

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i'm georgie and i am studing your music in my singing training so far i have gained brilliant grades from singing and playing your music,however i am finding it very hard to find your sheet music as i have to play the piano and sing your song `shine` so it would be great to no where to find your sheet music or when i can have it or find it
thanx a bunch! x

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first i woul like to tank god to know you,its a very suprised,u are beautifull,u have a lot of talent.this is my favorite album.

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I am so blessed to have seen your grace and listened to your soulfull voice at Maxwell's concert in Las Vegas. The words in your songs are deep, yet easy to relate... actually to better describe them, they are inspiring and encouraging. I was so mezmerized by you, your stage presence, your voice, and your lyrics. I just sat on my seat and tried to absorb everything. Thank you for making Maxwell's concert extra special :) I look forward to your success.

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I first heard you on the Tom Joyner show and I fell in love with your voice. Your voice is like a summer morning after a long nights rain. Welcome to the states my sister and I hope you make it your home. Oh and the first time performance on the Today show was awsome, who is the guy that performs with you hes grand too. Thanks for the music

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Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One morning I heard "from my heart to yours" on WBLS 107.5 I couldn't wait to hear it again. Within a few days I learned the lyrics and was singing it (not like you girl) to my unborn child and the movement was amazing. My child didn't survive and your music have helped me with the healing process and I thank you for that. Ten years ago while pregnant with my daughter it was all about Kenny G and Lauren Hill and today she still loves them and crave their music. Today for her it's Laura Izibor. Keep it up sista girl because we need your kind of music..."real" music for the heart and soul...

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Love your music so much Laura.

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Laura, you have the sophisticated style of Alicia Keys and the smoothness of Lauryn Hill. "From my Heart to Yours" is where I was a few months ago in a long-term relationship, but now I am at the point of “Don't Stay". These songs are as if you wrote them especially for me. Thank you for giving me the strength and encouragement to move on.

Ni Fhoghlu's picture

Come back to Cork some time soon! To somewhere its a bit cooler :) Truely inspirational tonight...talent that exceeds your years!! Was totally blown away by your effortless ability to sing and the musical enery oozing from each performance!! Keep up the great work!! Proud to be Irish

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wow..i am impressed with your songs..and unfortunately i had never heard of you until my dear friend turned me on to you just 2 days ago..i've been thanking her ever since..and your band is amazing..i am loving the vibes you and people are a writer all i can say is keep the flow alive..

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Hey Laura I was at your concert in toronto tonight fantastic job by the way I was singing along with shine the minute you started playing it !!! I can't wait for the full album to be out ... I bought the advance album from the concert ... but mine was totally blank : ((( I don't know who I'm supposed to contact about it , I hope that I was the only one who this happened to :( Any suggestions ?

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I came across your music from reading Spirited Woman newsletter and was so glad it had a link to your vidoe Shine. I watched it, and others videos I found and was captured.
I have heard the saying Don't hide you light under a basket, I thought , its not possible. The light would shine out in all directions, some may feel their light is hidden but you WILL Shine.
I watched your video telling the story of school, the piano and song writing and thought , do you think that it was even possible that it couldn't have happened, that you could have kept what you have hidden? I don't.
Shine, shine shine!
Thanks for sharing your light with us, I will pass on what I have found so others can enjoy your music as I have.
Faye Roy

banana hunters's picture

Hi Laura!

I just stopped by your site. Your voice is so fantastic! Really great! If you need a horn-section for your stuff, let me know. Would be great honor to play your absolutely great music!

Check out some samples on Youtube: or

Have a good rest of your acoustic tour in the states!


Lukas Wiese

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i still cnt believe u went to SMC!!!! luv ur voice! u r so talented! when r u performing in Dublin?

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waou waou waou... i just can say that laura, i discover to you this evening and i love not only your songs !!! do like Candy Staton? you make me think about her. how is laura in her soul? what girl is-she? my dream... to meet you in my dream island in indian ocean.island of la reunion. you can email me but i think i am a real dreamer. au revoir laura. a bientot.

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Thanks for getting such a wonderful website made, Laura! Wishing you the best of luck for 2009 and for the rest of time! Can't wait for you to conquer the United Kingdom with your beautiful voice, soul and hair!

See you soon! Dewey x (