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Can't Be Love

Can't Be Love
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on Tue, 2010-10-19 10:13

Can't Be Love

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Love this song! Love listening to all of Laura Izibor's music, she is a natural and beautiful artist!'s picture

Powerful & soulful voice

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Amazing song! I fell in love with it the moment I heard it on One Tree Hill. There've been a while since we last heard some good music on the show. Incredible voice.. !!

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keep at it Laura, u r one of the best talents around.

jbd3170's picture

Amazing. Just heard this on One Tree Hill. I can't believe the power and soul in your voice. Incredible artist.

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I just love you Laura! I seen you at the North Sea Jazz Fest - one word; AWESOME!

teresa01's picture

i just love laura izibor and anything she sings!

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i am in LOVE with this song. The emotion and passion that comes through... you are so much more talented than i can ever hope to be! Thank you for sharing your incredible talent with us.
Is it possible to get the lyrics posted on this site? i would greatly appreciate it!

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Excellent, joint! Just love your voice, girl! Kudos!


of course its a beautiful song , with a pure voice !
we hope to see you in France for your next Tour , last time we were waiting for you
in front of The Trabendo under the rain , but we'll be here for your next gig in Paris !
Eric and Severine

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Love it!!!!! Can't wait for the album!

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Laura, fantastic track.... Keep writing and performing your heart out - your album is superb :)

SOOOOO glad the whole world is catching up to what we Irish people have known for some time - you are a STAR.

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Like a few other people on here, I heard this song on One Tree Hill, once I heard it and your voice I loved it. THere is something about the song that is just sticking with me. Maybe it the raw emotion and pain that comes through but I loved it.

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you are incredible and your performance on one tree hill was incredible. you have gained one more fan who will spread your music everywhere!

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very beautiful song, can't wait for your next album. hate u straightened your hair, i love a woman with curly hair. =+]

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Go Laura! Beautiful. Strong. Original.

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all i can say is WOW. my new favorite song.

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I heard this song last night on One Tree Hill and I searched for it right away..I Love It!!! You have an amazing voice..Good Luck in your sucess!

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I heard this song (Can't Be Love) on One Tree Hill tonight & instantly fell in love with it. Even before the episode was over I was searching for it online. Awesome song! It really resonated with me. Keep up the good work.